Samstag, 1. März 2008

Screening App uses ECharts Application Router

The screening application now uses the ECharts application router. A good description of the application router can be found in

In the moment the screening app uses the application router only to control triggering so that it is only triggered in originating but not in terminating calls. In the future different kinds of screening could be applied to originating or terminating calls or the screening app could be integrated with other applications in application composition.

Following changes were made to the screening app:
  • A new servlet "InitialServlet" was added.This servlet is triggered when the application is not determined yet and handles the initial routing.
  • In sip.xml the InitialServlet was added and the mapping rules were enhanced to use the results of application routing.
  • The ConnectFSM was enhanced to call the approuter before it sends out an initial INVITE.
  • The approuter.xml file was created, this file has to be copied to sailfin/domains/domain1/config.